Christina Grimmie Foundation

Some stars shine so brightly that they shine forever.

Since our official launch in April of 2017, we’ve supported numerous families, giving away over $100,000 in support since our first year.

Families in crisis

The Foundation is committed to working directly with impacted families

to pass on the love and support

that Christina’s family received when faced with the shock of losing their precious daughter.


We’re here to help

Goal 1: Provide aid to families of gun violence victims so that they can focus their energy on rebuilding their lives.

Goal 2: Build a community  of support for breast cancer patients and their families, the way Christina supported her mother, Tina Grimmie


The Need At A Glance

While the numbers alone are staggering, they don’t take into account the families and loved ones also impacted. Every day, millions of families across the U.S. struggle to stay strong in the face of gun violence and breast cancer.


percent of Americans will know a victim of gun violence in their lifetime


million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S.


of the shootings with the highest number of casualties happened in the last 10 years


What makes us

Our vision is that through the Christina Grimmie Foundation, people will be able to experience the same type of love and support we felt when we were faced with the shock of losing our precious daughter. We hope to keep things as uncomplicated as possible by giving money directly to the families in need, rather than having middlemen slow down the process when help is needed the most. 

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