Reduce Long-term
Consequences Of Shootings
Get Support To Families
Within 72 hours
Allow Families
To Focus On Healing

Life is too important to allow one loss to cause another.

After a shooting has taken someone they love, family members are left grieving and feeling powerless, alone and overwhelmed. They begin to believe their only choice is to give up.

99 percent of Americans will know a victim of gun violence in their lifetime
103 Lives are lost daily due to gun violence in the U.S.
5 of the shootings with the highest number of casualties happened in the last 10 years
Together, we can
offer families hope.

Help support a family today!

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
Make a difference in the world.

Each family has unique needs following a tragedy. Help us empower these families
through financial support.


Your donations will directly help these families.

Here are some of the ways our families have been helped.

The Foundation assisted a single mother with the cost of child care so she can begin working again.
The Foundation paid for temporary housing for families whose loved one was lost in their home so they did not have to remain where the shooting happened.
The Foundation assisted families with pressing bills that allowed them to get on their feet again including halting evictions, repossessions, utility payments, groceries and more.

“We want families to feel the same type of love and support we felt when we were faced with the shock and loss of Christina.” – The Grimmie Family

The Christina Grimmie Foundation works closely with local victim’s service organizations to ensure we are meeting the needs of the families we support. We network with District Attorney offices across the US to reach families in need.

Based on our experience, we understand what families need to move forward. In our first four years, we helped over 80 families and distributed more than $200,000.

You don’t have to feel helpless when you hear news about another shooting incident.