Breast Cancer


With each breast cancer diagnosis, wills and faith are tested and pushed to their limits. Many, like the Grimmie family, lean on one another for support and encouragement. Christina’s strong bond and deep love for her mother led to her engagement with organizations that supported breast cancer research. Following Christina’s lead, the Foundation will also make it a goal to serve these families whole-heartedly. The family knew that this was a clear choice for the Foundation’s focus and know that Christina’s humble, loving, legacy will be honored in the service of these families. 


The cause that was so close to Christina’s heart is one that millions of Americans are too intimately familiar with.


About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime


an estimate of the new cases of invasive breast cancer expected to be diagnosed in 2018


women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S.

“The money is going directly to the families. We
know what the out-of-pocket expenses are like and it’s crippling. We want to help the way people have helped us.”

-Bud and Tina Grimmie and the Christina Grimmie Foundation Inaugural event.

Stories of Need

Concerning Breast Cancer, our ultimate goal is to create a community of compassion and support for breast cancer patients and their families. The Christina Grimmie Foundation provides tangible services to help families encountering the hardship of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, so that they may focus their energy on healing, rather than finances or household. The heart of our organization is to make sure these families know that they are not alone in this journey. Because green was Christina’s favorite color and our logo is anchored with a heart, we affectionately refer to those we serve as “Green Hearts” instead of calling them clients.